We Can't Lose This Gift



To all those who didn't see the RCMS's production of "Flapper," you missed a fabulous night of fun and entertainment. The music, dances and costumes were spectacular and entertaining. I offer my sincere "thanks" to Mr. Buskirk, the band teacher and Ms. Goss, the chorus teacher, for all the sacrifices made to offer this production to the community.

I had two daughters in the play who came home thoroughly exhausted. Much was demanded of these kids and much was expected and they gave 110 percent.

Thank you for believing so highly in our kids.

This community is lucky to have Mr. Buskirk and Ms. Goss teaching music at the middle school. Wouldn't it be a shame to our entire community to lose our music programs? Please support "Credit for Kids."

Tedi Flake, Payson

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