Your Town Council At A Glance


Nov. 13 Payson Town Council Meeting

Absent: Mayor Ken Murphy, Councilor Dick Wolfe

Issue: A discussion of loosening fire code requirements for businesses not open 24 hours a day.

Mayor Ken Murphy requested the discussion but was not present at the meeting. The item was taken off the agenda.

What it means: The item may be discussed at a later meeting.

Issue: The council voted unanimously on two projects for Community Development Block Grant funding. The town will request approximately $200,000 for the housing rehab program which gives income-eligible homeowners $20,000 a piece to repair substandard homes.

The council voted to also apply for $100,000 for commercial rehab which is given to new businesses to improve the appearance and function of their buildings. Main Street businesses have been the beneficiary of commercial rehab monies.

What it means: The grant will provide for nine qualified homeowners to rehabilitate their homes. Five commercial projects can be approved with the grant money.

Issue: Council unanimously approved both resolutions about the March primary and May election.

The first resolution set the date and details of the elections, the second provided for an all-mail ballot process.

What it means: Both the March primary and May election will be done completely by mail. Town staff stated that with the kinks worked out from the September election, future elections may save money and improve voter turnout.

Issue: A study of the American Gulch will proceed at a cost of $70,000. Council voted unanimously to allow Tischler & Associates to conduct a study to provide information of the feasibility, impact, fiscal implications and zoning issues of the American Gulch project. The project will channel water and create a river walk area that would be an extension on Green Valley Park into downtown Payson.

What it means: The study will show whether this project will have tangible benefits for the town and will influence whether it should go forward or not.

Issue: The council unanimously directed Town Engineer LaRon Garrett and his staff to make adjustments to Payson and Frontier elementary school zones. After Garrett and his staff studied all the school zones, it was decided that for safety reasons, the zone around Payson Elementary School needed to be extended. Garrett's recommendations are to extend the student drop off area to Hoover Street and place Hoover Street in the school zone, from Airline Road to Rancho Road.

Recommendations for the Frontier Elementary School zones are to adjust the length of the school zones on Mud Spring Road and Frontier Street to be adjacent to the school site.

Garrett also requested a line item in the 2004-2005 budget for $25,000 to pay half the cost of installing flashing warning signs at the end of the school zones to operate only at the necessary time intervals.

What it means: Increased safety for school children.

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