Base Claims On Fact And Reality



I feel obliged to respond to Diana Sexton's (who appears to be posturing for a run for mayor again) letter of 11/14/03. She claims the town is going to build a community center without public input. Where did she hear that rumor? I didn't read or hear that one. A $9 million center would require a vote of the people, as it should.

She then turns that rumor into an attack on the Town Council. The council, in truth, only appointed a committee of citizens to study the issue and commissioned a feasibility study with public input to come up with a proposal the people could decide on. Is that irresponsible? Not in my eyes.

She then goes on to say our council is for the "special interests". I would like to know who they are. Please name them. Deal in facts, not baseless allegations.

She goes on to say that people like her will not be able to live in Payson. In truth, and in fact, Sexton is building a new home here and will move into Payson shortly. Then she can legally run for mayor.

Wakey, wakey, Diana. If you are going to make public pronouncements like that, please base them on fact and reality.

Don Wolfe, Payson

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