Community Cleanup Planned Saturday



Christopher Creek Homeowners Association will sponsor a communitywide cleanup on Saturday, Nov. 22, beginning at 8 a.m. There will be a county dumpster parked along Columbine Road. Everyone is invited to bring their bagged leaves and pine needles for disposal. The association will charge 25 cents per bag to help cover the cost of the dumpster. Exact change or a check payable to the CCHA will do the trick. If anyone needs help transporting their bagged leaves they can call Gary Andersen at 479-4075 (leave a message) to arrange for pick-up.

I missed some November Birthdays -- Pat Oliver celebrated Nov. 13; and Kyle Gourdoux on Nov. 14. Michelle Grundy will have her big day Nov. 24; and Debbie Dawson will be celebrating on Nov. 28. Wishing all of you a Happy Birthday.

Tuesday Christopher Creek's Candy Hart won the Ladies 9 Ball pool tournament at Double D. She said she couldn't lose. Fourteen players showed up and Candy just kept beating everyone. Second place went to Ethel Cane and third went to Joanne Kennedy.

I bought my turkey frozen as I do every year, but as I've looked out my front window every morning for the past few weeks I thought to myself ‘It's too bad I am not a hunter' -- there is a flock of turkeys that strut by the front of my house every morning and there are some really large fellows in that flock. As a matter of fact, they do this every year around this time. I think they like to tease me, or maybe they have a thing going with my 6-foot wood turkey on display in front of my house. Either way, don't they know its Thanksgiving? It could be a bountiful Thanksgiving for someone, only Jo Armistead, who feeds those guys, would probably shoot back.

This Thanksgiving many of us will be sitting down to a wonderful dinner of roast turkey with all the dressings, side dishes and yummy desserts. As you sit down this Thanksgiving remember all those not so fortunate and be very thankful for what you have.

Make a special call to someone you haven't talked to in a long time. Enjoy yourself.

Wishing each and every one of you a Happy Thanksgiving.

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