Empty Rhetoric, Patent Nonsense



I find it disturbing that former mayoral candidate Diana Sexton characterizes people who want to improve our community as being "special interest groups." She suggests that these people ("They" in her simplistic vocabulary) are somehow a threat to the needs of the community by wasting public funds for such things as a "new library, police station and fire station."

I am left to wonder how these projects fail to qualify under the rubric of community needs. These essential community services must keep pace with the growth of the town if they are to be effective and serve the needs of all.

With respect to the proposed Community Center, which also seems to upset Sexton, there are numerous joint-impaired seniors among us who would benefit greatly from non-weight bearing water exercise that would be provided there year round in a covered pool.

Her solution to dealing with these radical ideas is to elect persons like herself to public office who will truly represent the will of "the people" against "they" (special interest groups) and our deaf "elected and paid public officials".

We have seen and heard this kind of empty rhetoric many times before and, hopefully, it will be recognized for the patent nonsense it represents. Looking to the future, we may be lucky enough to have a candidate for mayor who is literate, informed, caring, and sensitive to the divergent needs of a growing and thriving community.

As for Payson becoming another Sedona (based on what a broker told her), I would, again, question blind acceptance of innuendo and ask what that really means. Surely, Sedona can't be all bad!

Thomas Ganoe, Payson

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