Get Behind The Medicare Reform Bill



I am so pleased with the Medicare Reform bill that I have chosen to write to you in the hopes that the word will quickly spread about this great measure. The Medicare Reform bill simply gives seniors what they have asked for, for so long, and that is choices. Seniors now will have increased choices in the types of health care they choose, and will have the ability to find out which one best fits their lifestyle and health needs.

These choices create lower costs, prescription drug coverage, and will give benefits to all seniors in Medicare. The lower costs will come through discount cards and reduced out-of-pocket costs, while the prescription drug benefit will be offered to all 40 million seniors on Medicare, and the benefits to seniors, benefits such as preventive care, will be readily available more than ever before.

This is what we've been waiting for, so let's throw our collective weight behind this beneficial and valuable Medicare Reform bill. It's the right time for our seniors to have the coverage that they need and deserve.

Eric Miller, MD, Payson

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