Sidewinders Open For Business


The first saloon has opened its swinging doors to the residents of Pine and all of the Rim country.

While some restaurants in Pine have maintained liquor licenses to offer drinks to their diners, Sidewinders is the first full-fledged tavern to nest among the restaurants, real estate offices, antiques shops and other local businesses. About a dozen locals showed up on the doorstep and staked a claim to their spot at the new -- and custom made bar.


Construction on Sidewinders is complete, and the tavern is now open for business in Pine. Sidewinders is on the corner of Highway 87 and Hardscrabble Road.

The new building sits on the corner of Hardscrabble and Highway 87 in Pine. Owners Cindy and Bob Maack and ‘Sparky' Terry Leiting are anxious to see the new business make a go. Having run the Ponderosa Market for six years and the Ponderosa Lumber Store for four years, the Maacks are excited to step into a new venture. It was their goal to create a local neighborhood spot for the locals to meet and socialize.

Built by area professionals, the owners were aiming for the locals' hearts.

"I want everybody to feel comfortable, it's a place for all of us," Cindy said as she is still tending to all the details required to open this type of establishment.

She sees the Sidewinders as a low-key conversation spot and combination sports bar. The bar will boast a projection TV and two big screens to keep sports fans glued to the edges of their seats on game day. She is also bringing in video games, a pool table, dartboards and shuffleboard for the hands-on enthusiasts.

There is a non-smoking area, tall tables and booths. She found an antique phone booth and installed a working pay phone, adding to the unique atmosphere that she hopes will set Sidewinders apart from the other Rim country taverns. Via creative painting there is a faux-leather cowhide on one wall. The aim is to invoke a small town western-welcoming feel with modern touches for comfort and appeal.

A great deal of time and attention was afforded the ambiance of the 3,000 square feet of the building. It was constructed with private parties and banquets in mind. With the holidays upon us, many folks are looking for a place to throw parties, both work and private. Sidewinders has the space and Cindy is looking forward to filling that need.

"In the future we would like to expand the building," Cindy said. Food, microbrew beers and a coffee bar are in the future.

"You buy a cup and then fill your own," Cindy said, excited about the prospect of a good cup of brew among friends. She intends to have a variety of coffees for folks to choose from.

Cindy, Bob and Sparky thought opening now and working out the kinks through the winter would be good for everyone.

"All the bells and whistles are not here yet," she said. "I figure if I can make the locals happy, I can make everyone happy."
A gala Grand Opening celebration is being planned for the spring, when the owners feel like their feet will be on solid ground.

"We are waiting to see what Pine wants," she said. She is counting on her friends and neighbors to make their voices heard and opinions known.

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