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Re: Harry Potter protest:

The Bible says we are to be discerning; so that we can judge what is right or wrong. God's Word is the judge of what is right or wrong, but He also uses people to communicate these truths; namely a pastor of a church. We make judgments every day in light of His Word. We just need to be careful that we are not guilty of the same offense, that we judge others by.

Re: School board editorial:

I have a problem with your stand in the opinion of the Roundup article on Friday, Nov. 14. First it's not the board's product, but the SAC's. Second, one must always question the method of the way data is collected, that is what I teach my students in the physics class. I have to agree with the statement by the board member, that students may have answered the survey, because as I handed out the survey in my classroom that's exactly what some were doing. I have four children that go to PUSD and I asked them about how the teachers in their classroom presented the survey to them. Some gave pros and cons; some said what their opinion was and only gave a pro or a con. I had three of my children tell me that the teacher did not hand them the survey and that the teacher liked the two-week break. If you ask the SAC, they will tell you that there was no method of tracking the surveys, which teacher turned in the surveys and which did not. So, perhaps the surveyors that wanted a long fall break didn't hand them to the students. So, "Information is our friend" -- if its valid!

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