The Cornerstone Of America



I have been thinking a lot lately about the shape of our country and what have we done with it. Have we sought to maintain and increase it? Or, have we through carelessness, or indifference, dissipated it? The communists and some of their allies realize that the most effective way to make anyone lose faith in himself is to deprive him or her in faith in Almighty God. From long experience, all the totalitarians know that once the divine cause of freedom is eliminated, the effects automatically disappear. In other words, if we destroy the roots, the branches will eventually die.

If there were no reason why we should be for God, the mere fact that the totalitarians are so much against Him and want to eliminate all traces of His truth from every sphere of life is a strong argument that there must be some intimate connection between God and the basic freedoms that all of us cherish.

Obviously they recognize even more clearly than some of the people who enjoy the liberties that the body and mind vanishes and dies once the heart is seriously affected. When the communists set to the task of enslaving a country, the church and Bible, believing is always the first target for ridicule and eventual extermination.

Spud Henry, Payson

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