Veterans Were Forgotten



Lest we forget --

Or, have we already forgotten? I looked around the town Tuesday, Nov. 11 and I noticed a lack of flags -- the flag capital had forgotten Veterans Day. So, I looked around the high school auditorium. There were many empty seats -- no school, so only a small remembrance of the veterans. So, I looked for the news media (i.e., Roundup, KMOG, etc.) -- there were none there.

Sorry, veterans, they were too busy. The past forgotten; the future not important. For those that took time to remember, I thank you on behalf of those that served, and those serving.

Nov. 12, 2003 it rained in Payson. My thoughts were that each raindrop was a tear of those departed and forgotten. My question to Payson is: Why were you too busy, or just forgot?

Arthur J. Stone, A veteran who can't forget

Editor's note: The Roundup, and its companion publication, The Rim Review, covered the Veterans Day events in issues preceding and following the services.

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