When Voters Say ‘No' Council Calls An Emergency



Anyone who regularly reads the Payson Roundup knows that our current town council, when denied a bond purchase issue through voters' ballots, declared "an emergency," and spent $150,000 of taxpayer monies to build an airport hangar!

How much revenue is that airport hangar producing towards the financial good of Payson? Anybody know?

In all of Arizona, Gila County private property owners pay the highest in tax rates. Payson financially supports this entire county, yet we are expected to pay again for decent town streets through a bond measure?

I think not!

Council members are obligated to be informed on all aspects of the town's requirements, including budgetary restraints, when they take office, to anticipate and be prepared to meet the needs of residents without plunging taxpayers into further debt.

Calling for community input in the council chambers is nothing more than a ploy to lay the blame of losing ADOT road repair aid -- because of a lack of ready money -- on Paysonites and forcing a bond issue.

Apparently, this 2003 council has had its collective head submerged in its own personal agenda. Only a part of McLane, intersecting Main Street, has been their top priority.

Maybe it's time for this council to collectively resign.

Patricia A. Parker, Payson

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