Community Center Proposal Not Ready For Funding



I want to thank Diana Sexton for bringing up the subject so we can set the record straight.

1. The community recreation center was not presented to the bonding committee because the feasibility study was not complete. A rough draft of the study had just been received, and the Ad Hoc Feasibility study committee and the Parks & Recreation advisory board had not had time to complete it. Much work remains to be done to complete the study and properly inform the Town Council and the citizens of the conclusions reached.

2. In my opinion, and I am not alone, the proposed new library, police and fire stations were not voted down. The increase in sales tax was what was voted down. A poll by the Library Friends showed that a majority of the voters in Payson were in favor of the new library. False (or at best misinformed) advertising just before the election caused the tax increases to be voted down.

3. The strong support in the fund raising activities of the Library Friends from the citizens of Payson for a new library convinced the Town Council to use reserve funds to build the library, especially when the Library Friends agreed to use the money they raised to furnish the library. (The Library Friends provided $350,000 for this purpose.) The reserve funds are now gone. The fiscal climate has changed, so this is not an option for future major projects.

4. The Friends of Payson Parks & Recreation would like to do for the Payson Parks & Recreation Department what the Library Friends did for the Library. If you would like to be a part of this process, join the FPPR. Our next meeting will be January 20, 2004.

John Wilson, For the Friends of Payson Parks & Recreation

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