Keep Planned Parenthood Out



The writer from Scottsdale (11/11/03) thinks Payson should let Planned Parenthood educate our children about sex. She says: "Most everyone I knew (at Payson High) was sexually active." Statistics say that under 50 percent of teens fit this description. I guess she didn't hang around with the other 50 percent.

As to P.P.'s brand of sex ed, let's look at the results in their own words:

  • Condoms fail 13 to 51 percent (Family Planning Perspectives, Jan.-Feb. ‘92 - official publication of P.P.)
  • "More teens are using contraceptives, and using them more carefully, yet premarital pregnancy continues to rise." (F.P.P. Sept-Oct. ‘80)
  • "Contraception has never been more widely available or more funded, yet there's been a corresponding increase in the number of abortions." (The Allan Guttamacher Institute, P.P.'s research arm)
  • "There are more than 3-million unplanned pregnancies each year (U.S.), two-thirds due to contraceptive failure." (Dr. Louise Tryer, P.P. Medical Director, Wall Street Journal 4/26/91)
  • The pill fails 2 to 18 percent, the diaphragm fails 10 to 57 percent (A.G. Institute, June ‘89)

It's not enough that the products P.P. promotes and sells are defective or ineffective by their own admission, but they would also teach children of any age that sex is every child's right, backed up, by necessity, by their right to contraception, sterilization and abortion, without parental consent. Bestiality is OK, too, and so is intergenerational sex and recreational sex. ("It's Perfectly Normal" by Robbie H. Harris, P.P. National Board of Advocates, 1994, sex ed book.)

As it has across the nation, P.P. in Payson could be expected to oppose: parental consent; informed consent; waiting period before abortion; abstinence education; reporting of statutory rape; and the licensing of abortion clinics.

A third young girl just died in the San Francisco area after taking RU486, the abortion pill, at a P.P. clinic. And, P.P. has been sued for not telling women about the link between abortion and breast cancer.

It'll be easier to keep P.P. out now than have to run them out later, as has happened in so many towns.

Carol Suhr, Pine

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