School Board Should Reverse Its Decision



This is an open letter to the Payson Unified School District School Board.

Dear Board Members:

I am surprised, dismayed, and puzzled to hear of your decision to go against the vast majority survey view and to change the school calendar for next year.

Each survey respondent who supported the current calendar did so for his or her own reasons. Our family especially enjoys the two-week break in October. It has become a time for family vacation. This off-season time is ideal for family travel because of easy reservations, low cost, and great weather. Vacation time from employers is easier for us to obtain than at other times of the year. Other parents, educators, and teachers have their own reasons for keeping the calendar as is.

The point is this: the great majority opposes changing the calendar. Even the small minority who do want change, do not all agree on what to change.

If the news article is correct, one reason for your decision was board members getting phone calls from parents. I hardly think the number of phone calls you receive is a scientific way to take a poll of public opinion. The survey itself has the accurate viewpoint.

During my past dealings with the school board, I have avoided making personal phone calls to board members at their homes. I hope it does not become "normal business" for the board to base its decisions on what personal phone calls you receive.

I recommend you admit your mistake, reverse your decision, and restore the school calendar as it was before.

Arthur Rogers, Payson

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