Holiday Lights Popping Up All Over



Thanksgiving is over and now we move on to the next big holiday, Christmas. How many of you went shopping today and fought the crowds? I thought of doing it, but that is as far as I got.

I see a lot of Christmas lights going up. I wouldn't want to hang Ray and Marge Larsen's. But, at least he is an electrician and can figure how to connect them all. Don't you just hate it when they all worked before you hung them on the roof?

Friday, Dec. 12 is Christopher Creek Bible Fellowship's Christmas Party. Everyone is welcome to attend. It starts at 6 p.m. and it is a potluck. Bring along your favorite dish and get ready to sing Christmas carols and play some fun games.

Saturday, Dec. 13, is the Annual Christopher Creek Homeowners Christmas Party for the children. It begins at 3 p.m. at the fire station. They ask that you bring two food items for the food boxes that the children will be filling and decorating. At 4 p.m., Santa will arrive by fire truck to chat with all the little ones and give a little something to each child.

At 5 p.m. everyone including parents, grandparents, and residents, are invited to come and have a bowl of chili, or soup. They ask that you bring a plate of cookies. At 6 p.m. everyone will pile on the CCHA trailer for a hayride and to serenade the community with Christmas carols.

The Christopher-Kohl's Fire Department Christmas party is Dec. 17 at 6:30 p.m. at Station 51. Please bring your favorite potluck and a $10 gift for the exchange party. Let Vicki know what you are bringing, (928) 478-4654.

An update on the highway: According to Kiewitt, the west end of the Christopher Creek Highway access should be open about Dec. 8. That will be nice; it is amazing how many people have ended up in Forest Lakes trying to find Christopher Creek now that the bypass is in.

December birthdays

Marge Matus and Krista Kilbourne share their birthdays Dec. 1; Frank Szezpanski, Dec. 2; Dustin Barnes, Dec. 4; Dean Shields, Dec. 6; Jack Hidde, Dec. 8; Kevin Mystrom, Dec. 12; Floyd Wilson, Dec. 17; and Daryl Kilbourne, Dec. 22.

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