Man Poses As Border Patrol Agent


Payson police have now identified the unruly patron at Alfonso's restaurant who claimed he was a border patrol agent Monday evening.

Charles Weidman, 43, refused to reveal his identity when police arrested him for disorderly conduct and false reporting. According to witness, Dennis Fendler, Weidman was yelling at the employees.


Payson Police Officers Stephen D'Addabbo and Les Barr frisk the handcuffed Charles Weidman who claimed to be a border patrol agent at Alfonso's restaurant Monday.

"He was getting loud and irate and kept stepping in front of customers and saying, ‘You guys got a problem, cause I got a problem,'" Fendler said. "He kept asking to see the manager and the counter woman kept trying to be nice and he just kept badgering her."

Weidman then asked to see the cooks and demanded to know if they had green cards.

"(Weidman) said, ‘I'm border patrol,'" Fendler said. "He flashed some kind of badge--he flipped it up real quick and it looked like some kind of badge."

A customer called police. "We received an anonymous report indicating there was a male subject at Alfonso's who was being very disruptive and creating problems," Payson Police Lt. Don Engler said.

While police were en route, Weidman went back toward the kitchen and began yelling at the cooks. The customer told dispatch that the cooks had locked themselves in the kitchen. When police arrived and arrested Weidman, he refused to identify himself. "He wasn't being very cooperative when we arrested him," Engler said. "I think he even saw the judge and there were some issues over confirming his identity."

"I basically put him under oath and he gave us all the information we needed," Magistrate Court Judge Ronnie McDaniel said. "When I put someone under oath and ask them if they know what perjury is, they usually tell me the truth."

Last month, Weidman failed to appear at a Pima County court on two counts of driving under the influence. A warrant was issued for his arrest. Weidman remains in custody in lieu of a $1,000 bond.

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