Shop Locally, Put Money To Work At Home


The day after Thanksgiving --he busiest shopping day of the year.

If you are like millions of other Americans, you are probably perusing today's paper after a long day of hunting treasures.

If you haven't already begun your Christmas shopping quest, have we got great news for you: You don't have to waste gasoline or your precious holiday time on a trip to Flagstaff or Phoenix to spend your money.

From the art galleries in Pine, to the motorsports dealers in Payson and Rye, Rim country merchants offer a plethora of unique gifts.

By shopping locally, you prove the power of a dollar. And the power of your dollar is strong.

Think about it. If you buy a one-of-a-kind candle for your mother, your dollar is then used to pay an employee, who turns around and uses that dollar to buy coffee at the local cafe.

The local cafe uses that dollar to buy meat from the local butcher, who then uses that dollar to buy Christmas cards from the local printer.

The local printer uses that dollar to buy candy from the local sweet shop for his customers.

In the end, no less than half a dozen local businesses have benefited from that dollar.

That's the power of shopping in your hometown.

Inserted in this issue of the Roundup, you will find the Hometown Holiday Shopping Guide -- your map to finding those hidden treasures in the Rim country.

In the pages of the guide, you'll meet a variety of merchants who stock everything from hand-carved bears to spectacular amethyst jewelry, from hot tubs to lodge-pole beds. You'll learn where to buy your Christmas tree, and where to pick up the lights and ornaments to decorate it. You'll discover a treasure trove of gifts to put under the tree, and even a few that won't fit there.

As you kick back and relax in front of the fire tonight, enjoying your leftover turkey and stuffing, take time to explore the Hometown Holiday Shopping Guide. You -- and the Rim country businesses --ill be glad you did.

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