'Tis The Season To Start Shopping



Thanksgiving is over. The refrigerator is probably full of leftovers that you really don't want to look at -- so why not go shopping?

Let the Christmas shopping begin.

We have been inundated on the television, the Internet and the newspapers with all kinds of gift-giving suggestions. Luckily, I am finished with my shopping. Since my husband and I have been to Colorado and Yuma a few times this year along with some really great buys right here in Payson, I completed my long list that included five children and their spouses and 10 grandchildren a few weeks ago.

Now, it is just a matter of wrapping all of them.

Bear Flat News

Dick and Mae Jones, longtime residents of this tiny community, have been called on a one-year L.D.S. Mission to a historical site known as Winter Quarters, Neb. Dick and Mae will be serving in the visitors center there. They report Dec. 8 to Salt Lake City for a two-week training period before they start on a very exciting time for them. We wish them nothing but good fortune. They will be missed by all their neighbors and friends while they are serving.

Kudos for Amy

Amy Eldredge, of Tonto Village III, a senior at Payson High School and the daughter of Jeff and Darlane Leonard, has been selected for the National Honor Society. Congratulations to you Amy. You are well-deserving of this honor.

Tonto Village Fire District

I mentioned a few weeks ago that bids had been taken for a fire truck that was no longer needed by our fire department. The good news is that it was sold and being put to very good use by Randy Slapnicka of Rancho Tonto Fish Resort. Randy intends to fix the 1960 Van Pelt truck for children to ride in this coming summer.

Who doesn't like riding in a fire engine? This is a great idea Randy.

Birthdays, etc.

Two birthdays were omitted last week, Jimmy "Rabbit" Stephenson from Meads Ranch reached a milestone last week. He hit the big 50.

Amanda Cassuto had her big day Nov. 22. The party was given by her husband Roger, started out at our local restaurant and ended up at their house with a jam session. Roger said his house was rocking.

Pool shots

The guys rule on Sundays. Cliff Landrum, Doug Paul and Tony Urrea were the winners of the afternoon pool tournament. Come on gals, chalk up those pool cues and practice. Give the guys a run for their money.

There won't be a column next week. I am taking the week off. I will return Dec. 12. If you have an item to be added to this column, leave a message at (928) 478-4575 or e-mail me at janet_snyder2001@yahoo.com.

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