Water Meeting Critical For Residents



On Monday, Dec. 8, every resident of Pine and Strawberry should make the effort to attend the 6 p.m. meeting at the Pine Community Center. You will learn things about Pine and Strawberry's water service (or lack of) that will totally shock and anger you, and hopefully get every customer of Pine Water Co. Inc. and Strawberry Water Co. Inc. to stand up and hold Brooke Utilities and the Arizona Corporation Commission accountable.

You will learn that Strawberry Water Co. Inc. and Pine Water Co. Inc. are under the control of the ACC; however, Brooke Utilities Inc. is not under its control. You will learn of serious accounting discrepancies, resulting in you and I paying through the nose for water and services that, for the most part, cost Brooke Utilities one-tenth of what he is charging each of us, and sometimes he is charging us for services we are not receiving.

You will learn that altering the complexion of the water board may not have occurred as we have been led to believe (ask your County Supervisor about this). You will learn that Pine Water Co. Inc. is not fulfilling their obligations to the residents they are supposed to be servicing.

You may ask the question, why would the ACC permit Pine Water Co. Inc. to connect up to 25 new water meters per month, and yet we are being charged to haul in water (and are we being charged for hauling in water that is actually coming through the Magnolia pipeline)?

You may also ask the Arizona Corporation Commission and Brooke Utilities how they can allow approximately 19 percent of the water to be lost before it gets to our homes? This fact alone should tell each of us that the job isn't being done and there is a tremendous amount of water on the supplier's end.

Brooke Utilities is trying to get a rate increase plus an additional charge that will probably double your water bill. I cannot afford to pay more; do you want to be ripped off any more than you already are? Please stand up for your rights.

Ginger Jeffers, Pine

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