Former Payson Man Arrested For Impersonating A Doctor


Former Payson resident William Webb was arrested in Snowflake for impersonating a gynecologist and performing examinations on unsuspecting women.

Webb, 82, was arrested last week by Snowflake-Taylor police officers for fraudulent schemes, three counts of practicing medicine without a license, sexual abuse and attempted sexual abuse.


William Webb

The initial investigation began Aug. 30, when a victim reported that she had been referred to Webb for medical purposes by an acquaintance.

According to a police department press release, the victim stated that Webb introduced himself to her as a doctor and asked if she had a breast examination recently. The victim said she had not and agreed to allow Webb to examine her.

According to the victim's statement, Webb attempted additional inappropriate contact and his actions and statements made her doubt he was a medical doctor.

A second victim came forward to police Sept. 3 to make a report against Webb.

This victim had been referred to Webb for help in getting federal disability benefits. Webb allegedly told her he was both a gynecologist and a psychologist. According to the victim, Webb attempted to perform an examination. He tried to lift her shirt and pull down her pants but the victim pushed him away and left.

During the investigation, police discovered another victim.

The third victim was at a meeting with Webb in June when he, again, asked if he could perform a breast examination. When she said ‘no,' the victim stated that Webb reached across the table and grabbed her breast.

According to police, Webb has never been a licensed physician in the state of Arizona and does not have a license to practice medicine in any state.

Webb was released to a third party's custody due to medical conditions. The court has mandated that Webb not leave his property or contact any of the victims.

Webb, at one time a candidate for the Payson Town Council, was known for his letters to the editor of the Backbone newspaper, which were signed, Bill Webb, One Man's Opinion.

The Snowflake-Taylor Police Department is requesting that anyone with information on Webb contact Det. Royd Hayes at (928) 536-7500.

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