Isn't What's Good For The Goose, Good For The Gander?



Well, I'm glad to see you've got yourself all riled up about all the water used by Valley folks, with their 300 or so golf courses and all their lakes and all their not conserving and such, and how their wasteful ways are going to drain groundwater from our area.

I totally agree with your position. However, you totally avoided mentioning the giant elephant in our own living room.

How come you're condemning all those evil "flatlanders" with their wasteful golf courses, etc., but you utter not one word against our very own two giant local groundwater-hogs: the Rim Golf Course and Chaparral Pines, which between them are probably pumping about half a million to two million gallons PER DAY out of the ground?

(Don't tell me they're using all effluent and no groundwater -- that's a tired old propaganda line that anyone who's worked there, or who knows someone who's worked there knows is totally bogus. There's not enough effluent produced to feed these two golf-course monsters -- especially during the dry summer months -- so they're pumping ground-water big-time. A groundskeeper from a golf-course in New Mexico told me that the average water usage for an 18-hole course in a similar dry climate is 1 to 2 million gallons per day.)

And if you say that the Rim and Chaparral Pines both bought the water rights to pump all this water for their golf courses -- which, of course, they did -- then why aren't SRP's water rights equally sacred to support the usage of water by Valley folk that you attack in your editorial?

How come what's sauce for the Valley goose isn't sauce for our local ganders when it comes to condemning Payson-area groundwater-waste? Why so silent about the obscene ground-water waste going onto two private golf courses, both within the Payson town limits?

I guess that the Roundup's view is that -- to paraphrase George Orwell's anti-communist satire "Animal Farm" -- "All groundwater-wasters are equal ... but some are more ‘equal' than others."

Edna Weatherby, Payson

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