Warm Weather Fooling Flowers Into Blooming



Is it really fall? The calendar tells us that it is, but the weather tells us otherwise.

It has been extremely warm here in the Village, the flowers are blooming all over, including the portulaca that I planted way back in May. The flowers never came up all summer, but they're blooming now. The roses are blooming profusely, and beautifully, I might add, but the blooms do not last long because of the high heat. The mornings are just great for working in the yard or any activity that needs to be done outdoors up until about 10 a.m., then the heat builds up too much to continue any strenuous activity. I am hoping the temperatures start coming down this week or next.

Tonto Village Fire District Auxiliary

The auxiliary is a wonderful group which helps in many capacities, not only for the good of the auxiliary, but for the entire community. One couple comes to mind in this category, they go the extra distance and give an extra effort to make a difference. Gary and Joan Norem, of Tonto Village Three, deserve a huge pat on the back for their efforts. Joan and Gary knew that the EMT section of our fire district was in need of backboards for our emergency vehicle. They went to some of the Valley's major hospitals and asked if there were any backboards they would donate to our EMT group. Joan and Gary returned with more than a dozen of them. Thank you so much for caring for your community, Gary and Joan. We will all benefit from your fine efforts.

Birthdays, anniversaries, etc.

Ellison Creek Summer Homes community is fortunate to have Earl and Frances Jones as their neighbors. Earl and Frances are celebrating a milestone in their lives Oct. 2. They will have been married for 60 years. This wonderful couple met while they were both serving as lieutenants in the Army during World War II. They continued their romance and tied the knot at Fort Carson, Colo. in 1943.

Earl and Frances have been coming to Ellison Creek Summer Homes Estates for many years in the summer, and have made numerous friends throughout the surrounding community. People like Bob and June Nickell, Skip and Mary Ann Dunlap, Bill and Gwen Tonstad, and Ron and Lonnie Smith will help Earl and Frances celebrate with a potluck supper on Friday evening.

Before Earl retired, he was a school teacher for many years in the Phoenix School System. And Ron Smith and Bill Tonstad were two of his pupils in grammar school. Congratulations to Earl and Frances. We all hope that each year that you are together will be better than the last.

A belated birthday wish goes to Linette Johnson of Tonto Village Three. Linette is the mother of long-time resident Diane Ham. Linette was 94 on Sept. 22.

Sorry we missed your big day, Linette, We all wish you many more birthdays.

Tonto Village Chapel

Look for a new event in the next month for the community. Rita Spalink is coordinating efforts to have a family movie night at the chapel very soon. The movie night may possibly be on a Tuesday, and the first movie has been chosen. It will be "Left Behind." No date or time has been set yet, but it will be in this column as soon as it is finalized. This type of activity will be really good for the neighbors to get together during the wintertime. People tend to stay in their home and not venture out too often. Look for the announcement soon!

Pool Shots

This past Sunday afternoon, the men dominated the pool table, the gals were totally shut out! Harvey Poyner, Tony Urrea and Doug Paul won the three top honors. During Tuesday's Ladies Night, Phyllis Mullen, Michelle Grundy and Cara Shaw won the three top spots. Now how about taking on those fellows on Sunday and beating them?

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