Why Aren't Parents Taking Responsibility For Their Children?



Regarding your Sept. 26 front-page story and editorial about the dangers of kids on bikes: I drive for the casino on Friday and Saturday nights. I drive all night long. I see kids out there at all hours of the night, riding their bikes with no lights and wearing dark clothes.

This past weekend, I was driving at night and two kids came riding right through an intersection with no lights and I had to slam on my brakes. They made no attempt to stop at the stop sign. If I had been a second sooner into the intersection, they could have been killed.

This happened again on the Beeline Highway. A kid was riding in the center turn lane in the dark and I didn't see him until he was actually in the center lane. There was a lot of traffic that night. If anyone would have had to go into that turn lane to make a turn, they would have hit him.

I think the police really need to crack down on this more. Aren't there laws that bikes should have lights on them at night? And what about curfews? Police are out on the Beeline at night watching for drunks and speeders, why aren't they enforcing these safety rules.

This is definitely getting to be a real problem. Maybe the parents should get a citation to stop this from happening.

Another thing that concerns me is what are the parents doing? Do they even know where their kids are? Why are they even out so late at night. Are the parents talking to their kids about bicycle safety at night?

It's just a matter of time before a child is going to get hit and killed. And it won't be the driver's fault, it will be the child's because nobody can see them until it's too late.

Jerry Bourguignon, Payson

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