Fiddle Fans Make It All Worthwhile



I would like to thank the Payson Fiddlers committee for presenting my wife Irene and myself with the J.W. & Vertielee Floyd Memorial Award for "years of devoted and volunteer services to the Payson Fiddle Contest."

Irene and I worked with Vertielee for six years, prior to her passing. Her dedication, compassion, enthusiasm and commitment to the Payson Fiddle Contest, and promotion of fiddling in our schools music programs was contagious. We couldn't help but to feel this and want to help. We will always remember Vertielee, and will continue to volunteer to keep her compassion, and enthusiasm, for fiddle music and the Payson Fiddle Contest going.

I would also like to thank Roy Sandoval, our present chairman for the past two years, for stepping in and taking on such a large endeavor. You're doing great.

Also, Irene and I would like to thank all the other many volunteers for their devotion and commitment to the Payson Fiddle Contest, we really enjoy working with all of you.

We would also like to thank the Arizona State Fiddlers Association for their continued support of the Payson Fiddle Contest, and the contestants (fiddlers) for all the great music.

Last, but not least, the fiddle Fans, some of the nicest people we've had the pleasure to meet. It's a pleasure to volunteer for such a great organization as the Fiddlers Association and the Payson Fiddlers Contest.

Irene and Bill Neal, Payson

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