‘Governments Are The Enemy Of The People'



President Bush's claim of "weapons of mass destruction" in Iraq is just the "tip of the iceberg" in the antics and disinformation employed by our government.

The strategy for getting us into another unwinnable war probably started with the twin towers. Many bomb experts claim that the buildings were imploded by pre-set explosives.

As a former commercial pilot, I believe that homing-beacons were placed in each of the towers. It would be almost impossible for novice pilots to guide the planes accurately enough to strike the buildings so effectively.

George Washington said, "Governments are the enemy of the people."

Our State Department has toppled the regimes of dozens of rightest dictators and replaced them with leftist regimes (to mention a few - the Shah of Iran, Samosa, Marcos, Jimenez, and Pinochet).

There is no provision in the Constitution for a standing army, or an offensive war.

Russ Krueger, Payson

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