Parks Update: Community Center Study Finished, Trout Arrive Next Month


The feasibility study on the proposed community center is completed, Parks and Recreation Director Bill Schwind said.

"The study will be distributed within the week," Schwind said. "At the end of October, we will be doing an update of the Corporate Strategic Plan with the town council. We will be discussing the facility with them. Where that fits in our five- or 10-year plan is a function of money and town priority and the like."

Earlier this year, Schwind came before the Committee on Capital Improvement Projects to propose that a community center in Rumsey Park be considered for the bond election in September. Since the feasibility study was not complete at that time, the committee felt they did not have enough information to add the center to the list of projects for consideration.

"The study is a 70-page document that speaks of the Payson environment and sheds some light on the recreation needs, wants and habits of the folks that live here and in the surrounding communities," Schwind said.

The study will now go to town staff and the council for consideration.

Lighted courts and fields

The Parks and Recreation Department will be adding lighted basketball and volleyball courts at Rumsey Park.

"We are moving forward with the development of our basketball and sand volleyball courts," Schwind said. "Those will be located just south of the swimming pool, and council has approved the light package, so we will be getting that lit and finishing off the courts.

The department is looking to increase the amount of field lighting that is automated.

"We also have a new lighting package going in the park now so that all of our field lighting is Internet-controlled, which saves a lot of money on staffing for people to go out there and turn the lights on and off," Schwind said. "With a phone call, we can tell the lights to go on and off, or go on the Internet and use a keyboard."

Grant money paid for a portion of Internet-controlled lighting that is already installed at a couple of ballfields.

"We are looking at installing another system at the north end of the park where we have two ballfields and a soccer field," Schwind said. "It will cost around $9,000."

Rest rooms, dock at Green Valley Park

"We put in a new dock at the boat ramp at Green Valley Park for folks when they launch their boats or even remote control boats," Schwind said. "They can use the boat ramp now and not get wet."

Schwind said the rest rooms are nearing completion and they will be adding another picnic ramada, and an information kiosk at the park as well

Here come the fish!

In mid-October, Green Valley Lake will be stocked with hundreds of pounds of rainbow trout, Schwind said.

"The fish will be here on Oct. 14 and every two weeks, we will be getting deliveries of 700 pounds of rainbow trout," Schwind said. "They do that all winter, through May."

Schwind said in the past, some near-record fish have been pulled from the waters of Green Valley Lake.

New Scoreboard

One of the Rumsey Park ballfields will receive a new scoreboard, courtesy of the local Kiwanis Club.

"The local Kiwanis club donated $3,600 for a new scoreboard for one of the ballfields," Schwind said. "That's way cool."

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