Personal Finances Are No One's Business



In regards to your What's Up column of Sept. 30:

Freedom of the press? I think the Roundup has reached a new low when you start printing the personal financial affairs of business owners and private citizens.

I have been maligned in your opinion column and threatened (with legal action) by one of your employees.

I am not an elected official or tax paid employee. I do not hide behind an alias on your Roundup board, nor do I send anonymous letters or ask questions anonymously on what's up in your paper. I have not been arrested, broken any laws or kicked anyone's dog.

No, I do not own any part of the Oxbow, or any other business anywhere. Not that it is anyone's business.

Why don't you spend your investigative time looking into the financial business of the town and the way the town is managed? Maybe you could investigate the sheriff's department and county attorney's office, or investigate your own employees. You have invaded my privacy enough.

Pat Randall, Payson

(Editor's note: The What's Up question Randall referred to was submitted by a reader asking if she had ownership in the Ox Bow Saloon. The answer we published was --No, it is solely owned by Beverly Nethken.)

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