Carrying On A Family Tradition Of Service


They grew up in the Rim country, watching and helping their parents provide service to their friends, neighbors and newcomers. So, it is no surprise Danielle and Chris O'Connor decided to carry on their families' traditions by opening their own business this year, C&D Heating & Cooling Service & Repair.

Chris' parents Becky and Bob O'Connor have operated O'Connor Heating & Cooling for years.


Arielle O'Connor, 2, is a great helper for her dad, Chris O'Connor, who with his wife and Arielle's mom, Danielle, started C&D Heating & Cooling Service & Repair in April. Chris' parents run O'Connor Heating & Cooling, while Danielle's dad has MDC Roofing.

"We're a service business," Chris said, "My parents just wanted to do installing," Chris said.

His wife, Danielle, is well suited to working the office end of things, for two years she had been the secretary for her father, Mike Conway's company MDC Roofing.

"The unknown was pretty scary when we started the business, being away from the protection of our parents," Danielle said.

"Most of our customers are people who knew us from our parents' businesses and clients who came to us by word of mouth," Chris said, "We've already grown a little bit, but there is always room for more. We want to keep the business very family oriented and want to keep it that way for a while."

"A long while," Danielle said, "It will be quite a few years before we add any employees."

To get an appointment for service from C&D, normally only a week's lead time is needed, but right now the couple are in a busy time as people are getting their homes ready for winter.

"A lot of people don't know that furnaces need the same attention as cars," Chris said, "They need to be checked for leaks and cleaned up to work like they should. A lot of problems can be handled by simply changing the filter and taking care of preventative maintenance."

Chris said his service calls run about an hour. "I strive to do a good job," he said, "I was born here, I live here. I'm a Payson person."

C&D does general service calls to either winterize coolers and get furnaces running in the fall or shutting down furnaces and starting up air conditioning units or evaporative coolers in the spring.

"It's important to winterize coolers," Danielle said, "If you don't you run the risk of lines freezing."

"A full service cleaning will help make a furnace more efficient and save money," Chris said, "And with the gas rates going up, that's important."

The couple started their business in April. In addition to Chris' training with his parents' company, he earned formal certification from RSI in Phoenix and is licensed and bonded.

To make an appointment with C&D Heating & Cooling Service & Repair, call 476-3804 between 7 a.m. and 5 p.m. Danielle and Chris operate the business out of their home and serve all of the Rim country.

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