Fishing Report


Apache: Fishing is excellent. Crankbaits and spinnerbaits fished on mainlake points are working well. Soft plastics are also catching some bass. The topwater action should be taking off any time.

Bartlett: Fishing is fair to good. Topwaters, crankbaits and drop-shot worms are working well on the main lake. Points and submerged reefs seem to be holding lots of fish.

Mead: Fishing for stripers is excellent. Look for the birds to locate fish. Largemouth fishing is fair but sporadic. Topwaters are working well.

Pleasant: Fishing is good. Some topwater action has been surfacing occasionally. However, most of the fish have been caught on dropshot worms and Carolina rigs.

Roosevelt: Fishing is good. Fishing is picking up again. Lots of small fish are being caught, but a few big ones are showing up. Crankbaits, topwaters and worms are all working well. Fishing for crappies has been good in 15-20 feet. Grubs and minnows are both working well.

Saguaro: Fishing is fair to good. Topwaters have been working well around boiling fish, but the boils have been sporadic.

Mogollon Rim

Chevelon Canyon: Fishing is fair for rainbow trout. Try Z-Rays, Panther Martin spinners, Rapalas and flies (wooly worms, wooly buggers, and peacock ladies). Anglers are catching rainbow trout on wooly worms. Brown trout should be starting their spawning runs up Chevelon Creek. Try gold or silver Rapalas and crayfish colored crank-baits.

Bear Canyon: Fishing is fair to good. Try worms, Power Bait, lures and flies. Trout should be cruising the shorelines.

Black Canyon: The boat ramp is accessible. Fishing is fair to good for rainbow trout. Try using worms and Power Bait, as well as Z-Rays, Panther Martin spinners and Crickhopper lures. Flies such as wooly worms, wooly buggers and peacock ladies are also effective. There is no oxygen below 9 feet in the deeper parts of the lake, so fish shallow. A green algae bloom is still present.

Willow Springs: The boat ramp is accessible. Fishing is good. Try worms, Power Bait, lures or flies. This lake also has largemouth bass. An 11-pound rainbow trout was caught in mid September.

Woods Canyon: The boat ramp is accessible. The fishing is good. Try worms, Power Bait, lures and flies.

Green Valley Lake: Fishing is fair to good. Trout stockings resume the week of Oct. 13-18. This lake is part of the urban fishing program. The lake contains rainbow trout, bluegill and catfish. Power Bait, salmon eggs and worms are effective. Try crappie jigs, small Rapalas, crankbaits and small spoons.

Chevelon Creek: Try worms, Power Bait, lures and flies in the deeper pools.

North Central Region

Note to anglers: This time of the year can provide some of the best fishing in the Flagstaff and Williams areas. Look for trout to be active as temperatures cool.

Williams lakes

Kaibab: The campground is open. Trout fishing has been good using rainbow Power Bait and worms. Fishing for black crappie was good on flies. A few catfish are being caught; use worms or chicken livers. During the fish survey recently an 18-pound channel catfish was measured and released.

Cataract: Campground is open. Water levels are low and the water quality is not sufficient to stock trout. Catfish fishing was good over the weekend in the evenings (a 7- and a 14-pound catfish were caught recently) and sunfish are being caught during the day.

City Reservoir: Fishing has slowed. Try fishing very early in the morning for trout and in the evening for catfish.

Dogtown: Closed while the Forest Service renovates the campground and picnic areas.

Whitehorse: Campground is open. Water levels are too low to stock. Use green Power Bait or try small spinners behind a bubble.

JD Dam: Stocked but is muddy from runoff.

Santa Fe: Some trout were being caught during the weekend. Try worms or corn early in the morning for trout and in the evening for catfish.

Flagstaff lakes

Lower Lake Mary: No Activity

Upper Lake Mary: Crappie fishing has slowed. This is a good time to fish for walleye during low-light conditions. An angler reported catching a 17-pound northern pike recently. A 20-pound northern has been caught this year. Catfish should be good in the evenings. There is a health advisory on this lake. Mercury has been detected in the fish. Do not eat the walleye or more then 8 ounces (uncooked weight) of anything else caught.

Ashurst: Fishing for trout has been good using pink or rainbow Power Bait.

Kinnikinick: Fishing is best by the dam. Trout fishing was fair over the weekend on corn. Catfish were being caught using worms or chicken liver.

Long: The lake is open. The average depth is about 3 feet. Remember that using live fish as bait in Coconino County is illegal. There is a health advisory on this lake; mercury has been detected. Do not eat fish caught here.

Soldiers and Soldiers Annex: Soldiers Lake is full and Soldiers Annex has water. There is a health advisory: do not eat fish from these lakes because Mercury has been detected.

Stoneman: Received some runoff but the water level is too low for stocking.

Blue Ridge: Stocked; should be plenty of holdovers. The algae bloom is gone so fishing should pick up.

Knoll: Fishing is fair using worms and orange Power Bait. The water level has increased with recent storms.

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