Standing Water Going Untreated



Like the person who phoned in and asked about the West Nile Virus (What's Up, Tuesday, Oct. 7 Roundup), I am very much concerned about the spread of the virus. Perhaps there is a story here that may require a little investigative reporting. There seems to be very little concern in Payson regarding preventing the spread of the virus by treating the standing water in town, stagnant water being the prime breeding ground for mosquitoes, carriers of the virus. Few, if any, public or private sources of standing water in the community seem to be actively treated on a regular basis.

Perhaps the Roundup staff can discover what is being done to control the mosquito population in that retention pond in front of Gila Community College, for example, and the retention ponds in some of the developments, such as Golden Frontier (both the public owned and the privately owned ponds exist there).

I understand that untreated water only needs to be present one week before mosquitoes begin to breed. And in some areas of Payson, there has been standing water almost continuously since the big rains we had in February.

Until two years ago I was able to eat dinner on my deck, from spring through fall, without any concern whatsoever of mosquito bites. That changed last year. I haven't eaten on my deck for two summers now because the swarms of mosquitoes present drive me indoors.

Something I truly enjoyed about living in the high country has now been taken away from me. Others I have spoken with have expressed similar concerns about the increase in mosquitoes in the area. I hope the community, public officials, and the county health department decide to take a preventative stance rather than react, too late, when someone in Payson becomes victim to a mosquito carrying the West Nile virus.

Russ Klauk

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