Such A Man Is Needed Today


Almost everywhere I turn, I see young mothers struggling to raise their children alone. Too many of them are bearing the full weight of a broken home because of a man who stepped out of the picture and away from his responsibilities.

The breakup of the family is causing devastating consequences for our children and weakens the very foundation of a healthy society.

Too often alcohol or illegal drugs act as rodents spreading this plague into homes across America.

What we need now more than ever are real fathers -- fathers who take responsibility for their families regardless of whether they live in the same house.

A real father honors his commitments and recognizes the needs of his precious child and the woman with whom he chose to create that child.

A real father works to provide for his children, not just to supply food, clothes and a home, but also offers them his time, his ear, his support, his love and his forgiveness.

A real father shows his children he cares by being there and overlooking faults and errors.

A real father doesn't beat his children in anger or frighten them with violent words and actions.

It is likely that you know a Rim country mother who wakes up every morning feeling alone and praying she can hold her family together for one more day. You may even know a man who refuses to stand up and be a real father. Perhaps you are such a man struggling with this responsibility. If you are, please know this -- making the decision to support your children and their mother will do more for healing broken spirits and broken lives than anything else your money and time could possibly buy. But don't look back and think it's too late for you. Instead, look forward and do the right thing -- the real thing a father should do.

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