Ware Did A Lot Of Good For Community



Payson's loss is Peoria's gain.

I've known Bob Ware almost since the day he and his wife Jackie moved to Payson about five years ago. I'm glad they came here, and I'm glad they're leaving here.

I'm glad Bob moved here for many reasons. Since his family had a cabin in the woods not far from Payson, and when he was just a youngster they would come up to the Rim country many times each year to enjoy a respite from "The Valley." Bob has always wanted to call Payson "home." I'm glad he finally got to call Payson "home."

I'm glad the opportunity presented itself for Bob to become the executive director of the Mogollon Health Alliance, where he served about three years. This allowed two good things to happen: Bob's chance to finally live in Payson, and the outstanding leadership from him that the MHS received, and deserved.

I'm glad Bob had the chance to serve as the Executive Director of the Rim Country Regional Chamber of Commerce. We very much needed him at the time he came aboard. He is an outstanding speaker, and an exceptional writer. He always comes up with terrific ideas and he possesses the leadership to implement them.

I could mention dozens of little things that I know Bob has done for groups, as well as for many individuals, over the past few years -- things that he took no credit for, and would ask for no acclaim. I won't mention them. Many recipients in our area know what I mean, and that's enough for Bob.

I'm also glad they are moving back to the Valley. Why? Because Jackie deserves it. She is a treasure. No, she is a saint! In order for Bob to fulfill his dream of living in Payson, Jackie has driven back and forth to Scottsdale, Monday through Friday, continuing her career at the headquarters of the Dial Corporation. I think five years of this kind of loyalty is quite enough, and so does Bob. It's time to shorten Jackie's commute and return to the Valley. Perhaps after they are both retired, they'll consider Payson again.

Good luck to both of them. We'll all be looking forward to their continuing visits.

Buck Horn, Payson

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