Flatlander Party Is An Honored Tradition



In response to: If it's exclusive it's not mail.

You say you've been coming to Christopher Creek for years and you often shop at Tall Pines Market, and dine at Creekside, and you buy kettle corn from Landmark.

Have you ever taken five minutes to get to know the people running the cash register at the store, the waitress delivering your food, the cook in the kitchen making your meal, or your bartender at Landmark? Because if you had, or even attempted to know these people, you would know what the "flatlander party" was all about.

It's not exactly top secret information.

You talk about us "biting the hand that feeds us." Well, the visitors who come up here don't exactly give us the money, we earn it.

You say you're up here to enjoy the mountains. But, yet you put enough energy and time into finding something to complain about -- something as harmless as an annual barbecue. This party has been going on now for 24 years. It's not something we just made up to offend weekend warriors.

We have lost a lot of the people who were the first to attend this event. In honor of their memory, I will stand in the rain eating corn on the cob every year. And, if that offends you, then you are truly a flatlander.

Toria Blank, Christopher Creek

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