History Park Plan Reaches Final Stage


The Payson Town Council unanimously approved a bid to construct the Main Street History Park building Thursday evening.

D.A. Daily Construction will put up the wood-and-block structure for $79,842.

"All we need to complete the job is the artificial turf," Town Manager Fred Carpenter said. "I believe the parks department will have some left over from the volleyball courts they are putting in at Rumsey Park."

The History Park will be located on a 5,434-square-foot parcel at the northwest corner of Main Street and McLane Road. The piece of land once housed Payson's first town bank and post office, as well as the town's official clock.

The two local Rotary clubs have donated the funds for a replica of the original clock. Those funds were matched by an anonymous donor.

In April, Payson resident Vernon Randall attempted to take the park construction to a referendum that would force the issue to a public vote. Randall's assertion was that the town was taking money from the streets budget to cover a shortfall in funding for the park.

The allegation was denied by Councilor Dick Wolfe, who said the money for the park came from funds designated for the Green Valley Redevelopment Project.

Original bids on the project exceeded what the council had budgeted.

The current structure was scaled down and now has a price tag of less than half of original cost projections.

Fire Science Program at the college

Council approved a resolution that authorizes the town manager to execute an agreement between the town and Gila and Pima Community College districts for a fire sciences program.

Residents will now be able to enroll in college-level courses on fire sciences in Payson.

Telecommunications towers

After a few more semantic alterations, Community Development Director Bob Gould and the town council found language for an alteration in the unified development code they could all agree on.

The council unanimously approved the revised portion of the UDC regarding telecommunications towers to ensure that the zoning code is appropriate to regulate the placement of the towers.

Payson Pines

The controversy regarding the Payson Pines, Unit 3 Subdivision and their assertion of rights to leftover water from the original development, was not discussed.

The attorneys for the developers, who want to put in a 32 lot subdivision off North McLane, requested the issue be pulled from the meeting agenda.

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