Mid-Town Texaco To Close


The midtown Texaco -- a longtime fixture in Payson -- is not long for this world. And the Texaco name is disappearing from the station on the south end of town.

"Tuesday or Wednesday of next week they're tearing it down," said Shawnna Dunnington, manager of the midtown Texaco station, "The sale will be final Oct. 24, but they're not telling us who bought it. The other one is also sold."

The stations are operated by the Carioca company for Texaco, which was sold to Shell earlier this year.

Joe Aken, Carioca's general manager, said the regional representative overseeing the stations is Hyon Huggins. She was not available for comment at press time.

A development services meeting is scheduled with town representatives Wednesday. Payson's Plans Examiner John Cadd said the owners have received a permit from the state to test for asbestos, a process necessary before demolition in order to determine if any special precautions are needed.

The Texaco on the south end of town will have its signs changed to Shell.

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