Pmga Play Features Yellow Ball Format


A "Yellow Ball Scramble" tournament highlighted last week's play for members of the Payson Men's Golf Association.

According to PMGA member Bud Drummond, the tournament featured A, B, C and D players on each four-person team.

"The yellow ball player is picked by matching the A, B, C or D play to each hole's handicap," he said.

"For instance, the A player of the team will be the yellow ball player on the most difficult holes," Drummond said. "The B player is matched to the next most difficult holes and so on."

Also in the format, the yellow ball player is allowed to play his ball through to the green. The other three on each team play a scramble to the green.

"The yellow ball player's gross score and the scramble gross score are tallied for the team's score on each hole," Drummond said.

"Then all the holes are tallied together for each team's 18-hole score."

Also, gross scores were kept by calculating 25 percent of the total team handicap.

After carefully sorting through the nuances of the unusual scoring system, Drummond deadpanned the understatement of the golf season: "It's not complicated."

In the yellow ball scores only competition, the team of Tim Ernst, Benny Burns, Morris Kropf and Tony Legault took home the title with a 69.48.

The winning foursome in scramble scores only play was John Pauley, Herb Sherman, Warren Mulcahy and Ross Robertson. The team finished with a 60.8.

Championship honors for total scores of both the yellow ball and scramble were garnered by Don Castleman, Mark Revelle, Tom Castas and Bobby Bryant.

Closest-to-the-pin winners included Don Castleman (No. 17; 2 feet, 8 inches), Armand Werle (No. 14; 7 feet, 1 inch), John Waring (No. 8; 12 feet, 10 inches), Burns (No. 5; 6 feet, 4 inches) and Drummond (No. 2; 15 feet, 8 inches).

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