What's Up?


Q: With the lower Tonto Campground being closed, are the park benches, fire rings and barbecues going to be dispersed to other campgrounds for use or are they going to be destroyed?

A: Walt Thole, recreation staff officer for the Payson Ranger District of the Tonto National Forest, said most of those materials have already been placed in other area campgrounds, with the remainder to soon follow. He also said the lower Tonto Campground is being posted for no entry.

Q: Isn't there a device on the market that gives almost instant hot water? Isn't there more water wasted while running a tap to get hot water than in flushing toilets?

A: Buzz Walker, director of the Payson Water Department, said there is such a device, "In fact we are helping install them in 50 homes around town this year." However, the waste of water is not as great running a tap to get hot water as it is with flushing toilets.

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