Remodeled Village Entrance Was A Shock To See



If you haven't been to Tonto Village in the past few weeks, you are in for a surprise. Our entrance into the Village will be drastically altered by the highway crew. The trees are cut down and it looks as if there will be a wider entry and exit from Highway 260. I am sorry to see the trees cut down but I know it is a necessary thing to do in the name of progress.

Chief J.R. Alliger talked with some of the construction workers and he was told that the work that is going on now will be a temporary bypass for Tonto Village and the Control Road until the new roads are finally connected. The bridge they are erecting now will also be a temporary one. The permanent bridge will be built over the top of the one they are building now.

When it is all done, it will look great, but for now, it is a shock to see the changes.

Last week, Jerry and Lori Bauler in Tonto Village III found out how helpful their neighbors are in time of need. Jerry needed to go to Phoenix to have some arteries repaired in his heart, and Lori needed to pack bags and to make arrangements for their little Chihuahua. Lori wants to publicly thank Chuck Spurlock, Maurine Kirchhoefer, and Charlie Martin for helping her to get Jerry ready to go to the hospital. Audrey Nash took over the care of their dog until Jerry could come home. Lori wants everyone to know how grateful she is for all the help she and Jerry received from her neighbors. They are all truly caring people.

By the way, Jerry is doing just fine, he is walking every day and is in good spirits.

Thompson Draw No. 2

Oct. 4, the residents of Thompson Draw No. 2 gathered for their clean-up day. Jerry Smith organized the residents and arranged for a big dumpster to put all the brush and trash in to be hauled away.

There were a total of 58 trees that had been cut down by the Forest Service because of the bark beetle.

The residents used a chipper/shredder to cut up the brush and a compost machine.

There also was gravel put on the road.

Out of 47 cabins, 37 were represented to do their share of clean-up.

After all the hard work, the residents had a potluck dinner. Mark Smith, Kenny and Lois Knapp were the chefs, and cooked up a great tasting pork tenderloin. Everyone brought a side dish to round out the meal. Don Turner gave the blessing over the food and the successful day.

Tonto Village Fire District

The fire chief wants to remind everyone who is cleaning up their properties by cutting down trees, raking leaves or burning the brush, please fill out the form provided by RPAP. The reporting gives credit to RPAP to be able to acquire vehicles and chipper machines for the public use. The forms can be picked up at the fire station mailbox any time.

Alliger also wants to remind everyone that the fire station's chipper/shredder is available for your use. Please call the fire station at (928) 478-4875 to arrange for an appointment. The volunteer firemen will do the chipping for you. This is necessary because of the liability insurance.

Birthdays, etc.

Lorena Hale will celebrate her birthday Oct. 21. I met Lorena when I participated in the community melodrama this year. She is a remarkable woman.

Pat Andres will be adding another candle to his birthday cake Oct. 24. Pat is a resident of Tonto Village III and is quite a handyman with wood.

Happy birthday to the both of you.

Pool Shots

Phyllis Mullen must have been practicing pretty hard this past week. She took top honors in the ladies pool games Tuesday night. Pat Bates and Linda Stailey came in second and third.

But that's not the end of Phyllis. She placed second Sunday afternoon against the tough guys. Cliff Landrum still shot for first place and Bill Saba came in third.

Watch out for Phyllis and her smoking pool cue. She has managed to break the winning spell of the guys on Sundays.

There will not be a Tonto Village News column next week, so call me if I miss any really important news. Remember that my phone number has changed to (928) 478-4575. I also can be e-mailed at janet_snyder2001@

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