Taking Rim Country Music To New Level


One man, with one name, is taking the recording industry in Payson to the next level.

Leander, a Michigan recording artist, brought his talents to the Rim country this summer and is now recruiting for music video.


Leander is a man of many talents. The self-taught artist not only sings, but plays keyboard, bass, rhythm guitar and percussion.

"I heard Arizona had a lot of opportunities," Leander said of his move here earlier this year, "So I came from Michigan to Arizona to set up shop."

He needs a female model between 18 and 25, plus four or five females, in that age bracket, who know modern dance.

"We plan to film in Green Valley Park starting Nov. 1," he said.

Payson Music is filming the video. Howie Rosen Promotions is marketing it and Orchard Music is the distributor.

"One of the tracks from my latest CD will be released with the video for nationwide radio play," Leander said.

His two compact discs of adult contemporary music, "The Hour of Love" and "Night of a Thousand Kisses," were both on the Outstanding Records label, which is based in Huntington Beach, Calif.

Leander is currently developing a third CD, which will come out next year through Outstanding Records. His work can be purchased through the company's website, www.outstandingmusic.com and later this year he will have his own website. Leander said he is building the site now and plans to launch it some time in November.

His work is not limited to the recording industry. Leander is available for both live performances and disc jockey engagements. He can present 45 minutes of songs when performing live, but there is no time limit when doing DJ duties. He only needs 48 hours advance notice to book a job.

Leander also offers his 15 years of experience in the business to help aspiring vocalists and musicians with their recording efforts.

"I am self-taught" Leander said, "I play the keyboard, bass, rhythm guitar and percussion. My love of music brought me into the business."

The work keeps him on the road a lot, he just returned from an engagement in Portland, Ore., and has performed throughout the Midwest, including Illinois, Indiana, Ohio and Kentucky, and of course, all over Michigan.

"I'm a big hit there," he said with a laugh.

Leander said his work keeps him very busy, but he is still facing challenges.

"The biggest challenge is the competition and the other fields that promoters feel are more marketable. And I differ."

On the flip side, "The biggest reward is having people buy my CDs and enjoy what I do."

To keep involved in the local music scene, Leander participates in karaoke nights and jam sessions around town.

"I wow them at karaoke nights," he said.

To find out more about the music video opportunities or to book Leander for a performance, DJ work or help, contact him at 468-0913.

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