Tour Of Hope Makes Rim Country Stop


The Tour of Hope Team will climb mountains, cross rivers and reach communities across America to inspire millions and share the importance of cancer research.

During the week-long cross-country ride, the team passed through Rim country, stopping at the Moose Lodge Oct. 12 for a pancake breakfast.


Tour of Hope team members Peer Scacheri, Hank Lang and Jay Stevenson climbed the Ox Bow Hill during their portion of the 3,200-mile cross-country trek this week to raise funds for cancer research.

When the 26-member team left Payson, they continued on the 3,200-mile cross country, ending at the Ellipse in Washington, D.C. this Saturday.

Along the way, the riders will stop and share their personal stories that bring to life the importance of cancer clinical trials.

Research is the hope for the future. The nearly nine million cancer survivors living in America today are a testament to the miracle of cancer research.

Bristol-Myers Squibb is a leader in discovering innovative therapies to treat cancer, who also provided the medicines that helped Lance Armstrong beat his cancer.

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