Vet Toes $1,000 Field Goal; Donates Winnings To Phs


It's a huge stretch to think Dr. Alan Hallman might have any high school athletic eligibility left.

If he did however, Payson High School football coach Jerry Rhoades would probably be soliciting his kicking services.

The Star Valley veterinarian's talented toe managed a 35-yard field goal during halftime of the PHS homecoming game Oct. 3.

Participating in the Kick for Cash contest sponsored by local NAPA Autocare Centers and NAPA Auto Parts, Hallman booted the field goal that sailed through the uprights.

With the successful kick, the NAPA sponsors donated $500 to the Payson High School athletic program and awarded Hallman $500.

Hallman immediately donated his $500 back to the athletic program.

"I came here with $20 and left with nothing," Hallman said. "That's about what I expected to spend."

Rhoades and his players were deeply appreciative of Hallman's generosity.

"The program can really use that money. It was great of him to do that," the coach said.

Athletic Director Dave Bradley, who oversees the sports budget, was equally as appreciative.

Most impressive about Hallman's kick is that he booted it without the aid of a tee that all high school kickers are allowed to use. Hallman also admitted that he accomplished the remarkable feat without much kicking experience.

"I played a little soccer and football when I was a kid" he said.

The contest has been a halftime highlight since the Horns opened the season Aug. 29. Hallman, however, is the first to successfully kick the field goal.

According to Gary Barcom of NAPA Auto Parts, the objective of the contest is to build spectator participation and excitement at home games.

"We also want to help earn money for the school's athletic program," Barcom said.

The contest will continue through the remainder of the Longhorns football schedule.

At each home game raffle tickets will be available for $1 and 10 footballs are thrown into the stands. Those who catch the balls will join the raffle winners in attempting the field goal from the 25-yard line.

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