10-Member Posse Honored By Sheriff's Office


The Gila County Sheriff's Office honored the 30 volunteer members of the Payson Sheriff's Posse this past Tuesday for their assistance to the department.

According to Det. George Ratliff, the posse assists deputies throughout the county wherever they are needed.


Pete Orlando

"They secure crime scenes for detectives, which is valuable," Ratliff said. "They run road blocks in times of emergencies such as fires, floods and major accidents."

The posse also assists Tonto Rim Search and Rescue and other agencies when called upon, and does inmate transports and guards inmates when they are sent for medical care.

"So far this year, (posse members) have donated over 7,500 hours of service to the county," Ratliff said. "They have saved the county taxpayers over $100,000 by freeing detectives, detention officers and deputies for other duties."

To learn how you can join the posse, go to the Sheriff's Office at 108 W. Main St., and request an application.

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