Amnesty For Mexicans: What About Other Nationalities?



Should have closed our borders 9-11.

Better late than never. Do it now, and use the military for enforcement.

As President Bush contemplates amnesty for three million Mexican illegals, disapproval has swept America. Not just due to the amnesty, but because it's only for Mexicans, not Chinese, Africans, Vietnamese, etc. What makes Mexican immigrants more important than others needing to flee from starvation, sickness, or even death? Don't the desperate need help first? After oil and tourism, the money sent to Mexico from Mexican workers in America is Mexico's third highest source of revenue. Have you heard of any great improvement with the millions of dollars they are sending to Mexico, plus the profits from their oil and tourism? No. Open borders are costing American taxpayers untold millions. They come here seven or eight months pregnant, and we not only take care of the birth, but now the baby is a citizen so they send for the father and all the brothers and sisters, and continue to have more babies while we, the taxpayers, pay, pay, pay.

Of course, now we have to pay (why I don't know) for the teachers, nurses, and more that speak their language. I'm sure as you read this you can think of many more areas where it is costing us plenty.

No country in the world has allowed so many to infiltrate their borders as the U.S.A. This is a great threat to our social security, hospitals, school, jobs, etc. Since 1970, more than 30 million foreign citizens and their descendants have been added to our labor pools and communities. Don't you believe it is time for everybody to do something? We call the President regularly. It would make a difference if every American citizen called at least once a month.

All of you younger people paying social security and Medicare out of your checks should be the first to call as you will not receive any benefits if the illegals continue to use it up. And, they will.

I know of one case where the immigrant came here and worked a few years, had three babies with one wife, and three more babies with another wife, and took off for parts unknown and the two mothers both received checks until the babies were all 18. Let's take our beautiful country of America U.S.A. back. Call (202) 456-1111 often. We can make a difference.

Marvin Joachim, Payson

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