An Ironic Twist Of Fate



Regarding Marvin Joachim's letter (Oct. 14 Roundup): It got a lot of patriot adrenaline flowing. The left-hook I was born with started twitching, and I began looking for bleeding-heart liberals to tangle with -- a few in my own family.

The Prince of Camelot could not get before a microphone without saying, firmly and with benevolence: "We were all immigrants at one time." Oh, boy. Where was his sense of comparison?

Then, along came LBJ with his hate-filled heart and personally revamped all our immigration laws. The most despised man on earth is the American laboring taxpayer, and Johnson turned the whole world loose on him.

Since 1965, the races and countrymen north of a certain parallel were/and or not permitted to migrate to America. Only two hundred yearly from each of these countries -- as a goodwill thing. These are the Swedes, Norwegians, Scots and Irish. What an ironic twist of fate -- 20,000 yearly from all other countries.

Only one American in 1,000 knows of LBJ's immigration law changes.

Maybe the Roundup can look it up and print it.

I'm feeling like a blitherer.

Alyce Hicks, Payson

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