Trip Helped Rekindle Our Patriotism



We have just returned from a most delightful week in Williamsburg, Virginia, cradle of our nation's birth. Our trip was courtesy of the Kiwanis Raffle Grand Prize from last spring's auction. Our accommodation in Williamsburg was a luxurious two-bedroom condo at Greensprings Plantation, generously donated by Mr. & Mrs. Bob Hibbert, Kiwanis members.

We are deeply grateful that we had this opportunity to rekindle our patriotism and awe at the fortitude and dedication of our founding fathers. If we could, we would send every youngster in our nation to this area to help them achieve a real sense of the history behind our country. Colonial Williamsburg offers a great chance for all to experience first-hand what it was like to be alive at the beginning of the Revolutionary War, seeing many original buildings from 1774, listening to wonderful actors garbed in costumes of the time and reciting the words of Thomas Jefferson, Patrick Henry and Martha Washington, watching and listening to period music and watching uniformed fife and drum crops.

In nearby Jamestown we walked the decks of replicas of the three ships that brought courageous settlers to our shores in 1607, talked with Powhattan Indians that befriended (and occasionally fought with) them, and stepped into their traditional homes, saw the fort that was constructed to house the settlers. Another short jaunt from Williamsburg took us to the site of the final battle of the Revolution, Yorktown, where General Cornwallis surrendered his troops to General Washington. There is added meaning to this site also, as it was prominent during the Civil War less than 90 years later. Both Jamestown and Yorktown offer an opportunity to see what life was like in those early days of our nation.

While we have had several visits to our Capital, just a couple hours north of Williamsburg, we found this area afforded a new and exciting look at our history.

We are so thankful for the trip from Kiwanis, and we strongly encourage all who can to make this trip into the cradle of our democracy,

Larry and Joyce Kennedy, Payson

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