What's Up?


Q: Why did the school district cut physical education at the elementary schools, then turn around and give both the superintendent and business manager raises?

A: It didn't, according to PUSD Superintendent Herb Weissenfels.

"No administrator at all got any raise this year," he said.

What the board did was give all principals, assistant principals and some administrators -- a total of 12 employees -- a one-time-only stipend of $2,000 each out of some $300,000 in carry-over monies (left over from last year's budget).

"The state recommendation for carry-over is 3 to 5 percent," Weissenfels said. "Our carry-over last year was 2.46 percent, so we budgeted very closely."

Considering that principals and administrators have had no raise at all in two of the past three years, the stipend seems reasonable. Even Social Security recipients get cost-of-living increases."

The rest of the carry-over money will be spent on facilities improvements throughout the district and mold mitigation at Rim Country Middle School.

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