A Community Leader With A Good Heart



You probably get letters extolling the virtues of your newspaper on a regular basis, but I would like to nominate a particular employee for the "Good Guy" award. On Oct. 23, I made a last minute phone call to Richard Haddad asking a tremendous favor.

The students at Payson Center for Success High School are preparing a series of storytelling presentations for the Thomas J. Pappas School for the Homeless in Phoenix on Nov. 7. Both Monica Nitzsche and I had seen Richard's show-stopping rendition of the "True Story of the Three Little Pigs" last spring at JRE and thought he would be a great model for our students to emulate. I called Richard at 10:30 a.m. asking if he could possibly come to our school at 12 noon that same day to show our students how he "reads" a story to children. Without hesitation, Richard said he would rearrange his schedule to get to PCS at 12 o'clock. True to his word, Richard appeared at PCS and gave our students a delightful lesson in storytelling techniques that enchanted even the most jaded and "sophisticated" high schooler.

There were two lessons to be learned from Richard's response; a love of reading permeates his life and his love of children is a priority. Payson could not be more fortunate to have such an individual as a leader in our community.

We at PCS appreciate his efforts to support all of our children and wanted everyone to know.

Nancy Mullikin, PCS Teacher

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