Family Planning A Joint Responsibility



There is a rumor that Planned Parenthood is trying again to penetrate our community. It was tried once before with the backing of a local minister, but was defeated by the outpouring of local protest.

This letter is to again protest Planned Parenthood coming to Payson, and contaminating the tranquility of our community. Are you aware that the concerned women of America would encourage the press to print (Margeret Sanger's) writings so the public can see for themselves what a disgrace some of her writings are?

Sanger is the author of this organization, and here is some of her quotes.

  • Birth control -- More children from the fit; less from the unfit.
  • Birth control -- To create a race of thoroughbreds
  • Books -- The birth control review; The pivot of cultivation; Women and the new race.
  • Quote -- No woman or man shall have the right to become parents without a permit from Planned Parenthood.

Our churches should get back to preaching the gospel of Christ that would not allow the new age doctrine and the feminist movement, humanism and secularism to infiltrate the church.

John Wesley, John Calvin, John Knox, John Smyth, and our Founding Fathers would turn over in their graves if they could see what some of the churches (the membership) are allowing their pastors to get away with.

I am for an alternate plan to help women, but why do women have to take all of the responsibility for family planning? It is so much easier for the man to go see his doctor and get the attention he should have.

Spud Henry, Payson

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