Humane Society Down To 50 Dogs


It was a banner day at the Payson Humane Society -- especially for Jacob, the Great Dane/Lab mix featured on the front page of Friday's Roundup.

A total of 10 dogs and five cats found new homes Saturday at the shelter's open house. Sad-eyed Jacob, who was pictured staring forlornly through his cage, was the first to go.


A photo of sad-eyed Jacob (black and white dog at right) appeared on the front page of Friday's Roundup, prompting a local family to call the Payson Humane Society, offering to adopt him.

"Due to the article in the paper, there was a message on the answering machine from a family Saturday morning when I came in saying they had seen Jacob's picture and wanted to adopt him," supervisor of dogs Ann Campbell said.

"Another lady came down and wanted Jacob before the family got here, but she said, ‘Let them have him and I'll adopt another dog.' She ended up taking two."

The original family showed up, and by the time the paperwork had been completed, Jacob had already bonded with one of the children.

The Payson Humane Society board of directors decreed that the shelter's dog population had to be reduced from 70 to 50 for reasons of health and safety. In addition to the 10 dogs adopted Saturday, another five were adopted last week and six more were taken by the Arizona Humane Society for placement at less crowded shelters.

"They're just going, going, going," Campbell said. "It's been fantastic."

She did, however, add this footnote:

"It doesn't stop here just because we're down to 50 dogs. During the course of the week, we'll probably get at least 10 impounds in."

The adoption fee is $50 for a dog that has not yet been spayed or neutered, and that includes a free spay or neuter certificate. Dogs that have already been spayed or neutered are $25. Discounts are available for multiple adoptions of two or more dogs.

For more information on the open house or to volunteer at the humane society, call the shelter at (928) 474-5590.

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