Community Organizing For Acc Meeting



I would like to inform the public that several of us in Pine have talked at length about possible solutions to our water problems and we are now ready to form a legal committee to deal with our issues.

To that end, we have scheduled a town meeting to be held at the Community Center in Pine on Nov. 24 at 7 p.m. Any and all residents and/or land owners who are affected by potential decisions for the supply and distribution of the water resources in Pine are cordially invited to attend, be heard, and express their interest in being a part of the organization we will form.

Please let me stress that this will be an open meeting with an informal agenda. The purpose is to allow people to get acquainted and share ideas, it is not intended to be a gripe session and it will not carry any weight with the Arizona Corporation Commission.

It is hoped that we will establish a list of persons who wish to speak at the formal ACC Public Comment Meeting to be held in Pine on Dec. 8. We also want to compile a list of questions to be asked at the official meeting with the ACC in an effort to help things proceed more smoothly and provide for all questions to be asked and answered without repetition.

What is important here is that we are organized and prepared when we present our questions to the ACC.

I am told that the members of the ACC, who are compelled to drive up here to listen to us, are not exactly thrilled with the idea, so I fully expect them to try to give us the bum's rush and hold this meeting as a mere formality of law. Unless we are organized and well prepared, unless we ask intelligent questions, and unless we present our complaints in a professional and dignified manner, that is exactly what we will get for our time and trouble. So, I ask everyone interested to please attend our informal town meeting and lets get an organization put together that can and will be noticed and taken seriously.

The Preamble to the Constitution starts with the phrase: "We the People" and every word ever written in the Constitution follows that statement. The residents of Pine and Strawberry are "We the people," now let's take control of our resources.

Jim Estess, Pine

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